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LatinxAmerica's podcast

Jan 29, 2021

Trailer featuring Cheryl Campos, Brad Feld, Arthur Garcia, and Dr. Stephanie Palacios.

Jan 28, 2021

Raul Hernandez Ochoa is an author, business coach and consultant.  We talk about his journey and how he helps startups and executives grow. We also discuss his book Productive Profits: The Founder’s Guide to Scaling Your Impact and his podcast Do Good Work.


Jan 21, 2021

Sarah Irene Mendoza is a Bay Area Producer at Pandora.   She talks about breaking into tech and how she has grown from starting as a receptionist to becoming a producer.  She was podcasting when podcasting was new and she has been able to combine her passion for music, production skills and experience to tackle new...

Jan 15, 2021

Susana is the Chief Operating Officer of Pandia Health.  We talk about her journey into tech and how she became a serial founder. She talks about how she transitioned into becoming a COO and why she is focused on women health and her keen interest in the Latinx community.