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LatinxAmerica's podcast

Sep 21, 2021

Alejandro Guerrero is a co-founder and General Partner at Act One Ventures, a Los Angeles-based pre-seed/seed fund investing in business software. Since 2015 the team of Alejandro Guerrero and Michael Silton have raised $65mm in AUM. They have invested in more than 40 companies, 70% of which were founded by women or minorities. He is the creator of the Diversity Term Sheet Rider for Representation at the Cap Table and the Diversity Riders Podcast.

Previously, Alejandro was the co-founder and CEO of Uniq Apps, a SaaS platform for encrypted work messaging. Prior to Uniq, he was the co-founder of Live Entertainment Network, an interactive video player platform that helped artists monetize live shows on a “premium-content-only” destination. 

As a founder by background, Alejandro takes an empathetic approach to the challenges founders face raising money and building startups. He and his partner at Act One have been working together since 2013, while both were volunteering at UCLA Ventures.